​​​​​​​​The Gov Reg™, the inline secondary pressure regulator that replaces ordinary secondary pressure regulators.  

Item #G5150

Based on advanced medical technology from ITW and designed specifically for draught beer in 2016.

12 parts design


  • Sleek inline design attaches to the gas port of keg couplers and air bars.
  • Greatly reduces install time, effort, and expense. 
  • Ability to leak test under water and boil for sterilization.
  • Tamper proof.  Changing the pressure setting requires a the special tool and knowledge.
  • Set it and forget it!



  • All metal construction.  Impervious to corrosion.
  • Just 12 parts (vs 30+ parts)
  • No gauges to crack or creep out of tolerance.
  • Gas compatibility with CO2, Argon, O2, N2O, N2, and gas blends.



  • Output pressure range:  4 - 55 PSIG -or- 0.28 - 3.80 BAR
  • Input pressure range:  30 - 150 PSIG -or- 1.38 - 10.34 BAR
  • Accuracy:  +/- 0.5 PSIG -or- +/- 0.03 BAR



  • Short draw draught beer systems
  • Long draw draught beer systems
  • Kegs in series (events / high volume dispense)
  • Wine On Tap (also kombucha / mixed cocktails / nitro coffee)
  • Soda / Soft Drink fountain dispense systems



  • ​Material:  Nickle-Plated Brass
  • Dimensions:  2" x 3/4" -or- 5.08cm x 1.88cm
  • Weight:  1.7 oz -or- 48 g​

Ordinary Secondary Regulators were not created “on purpose”.  They took a primary regulator, removed the CO2 cylinder connection and the high side gauge, sealed the 2 ports, slapped on some brackets, and called it a day.  It was based on 1920’s welding technology, redesigned for beer in the 1950’s, and hasn’t changed much since.  

The Gov Reg™ is a joint development between Legacy PRT and ITW (the manufacturer) that is based on ITW's proven medical technology for high precision, durability, and tamper-proof design.  It changes the install game!

The Gov Reg™ also saves you time, effort, and money.  Ordinary secondary regulators are cumbersome to transport and install with drilling holes, turning screws, etc.  The Gov Reg™ installation is much simpler, faster, and cheaper.  Yet you can still charge the same amount to install as ordinary secondary regulators, which puts cash back in your own pocket.

  The Gov Reg™ Dispense Regulator

Inline design attaches directly to keg coupler



Advantages of the Gov Reg™ over ordinary secondary pressure regulators:

Gov Reg Secondary Pressure Regulator

Ordinary Secondary Regulator

Based on 1920's welding technology and rigged in the 1950's for draught beer.

Patents Pending